I first came into contact with R-Biopharm in 2008 while helping out at my uncles Grill & Snack Bar in the Landwehrstraße. The staff of R-Biopharms warehouse were good customers and during a discussion with them the idea was born to send an application for an apprenticeship as a warehouse clerk. By the end of 2009 I was invited to an interview at R-Biopharms new headquarters in Pfungstadt and by the 01. August 2009 I was able to start as the first warehouse apprentice of the company. During the next two years I worked three and a half days to gain practical experience and was given one and a half days theoretical training at the Friedrich List school. I successfully completed my apprenticeship with the final exam on 10. July 2011 and was rewarded with a two year full time contract. As I enjoyed the experience very much, I am happy to say that my younger brother Cetin has become my successor and is currently also in progress of his apprenticeship.